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Non Toxic, Non Flammable, No Flame, Weatherproof, Lightweight, Easy Activation, 360º of Illumination, 100% Maintenance Free, Phthlate Free


Cyalume's S.E.E.® boxes are easy to locate in the dark by providing a glowing photoluminescent label. They are easy to install on walls of evacuation routes and in public areas. Two 6" yellow SnapLights® activate when cover is pulled. SnapLights® are included. Refill Kits are also available.

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Cyalume® S.E.E.® System with 2 Snaplights

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Cyalume SEE® (Snaplight Emergency Evacuation) System provides safety when emergencies strike. The SEE® system provides a safe, dependable light source that operates when all else fails without the need for electricity or batteries.

The lightsticks are housed in a case that contains a photoluminescent label which is immediately visible in the dark.

Each SEE system contains two 2-hour, high intensity lightsticks which generate no heat or dangerous sparks – use one as a stationary light source and remove the other as a portable light The lightsticks are non-toxic and activate effortlessly at the pull of a lever.

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See the LumiSafe Ltd website for further details

LumiSafe Ltd, based in Bristol in the South West of England, is an authorised Cyalume® Technologies Inc UK distributor providing professional, Industrial grade, Cyalume® emergency and convenient chemiluminescent lighting for safety applications.

Our market includes the Transportation and Road Haulage Industry, Universities, Colleges, Schools and general education establishments, Independent Contractors and Organisations involved in safety work and individuals for personal safety needs.

LumiSafe Ltd has a growing portfolio of customers to whom we have provided or are providing Cyalume® chemiluminescent products, some of these include:

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.

RailCare Ltd

QinetiQ Group PLC

Orchid Cellmark Ltd.

Meggitt Defence Systems (Meggitt PLC)

If you think your Company or Business could benefit from using or installing Cyalume® products or would like to find out more? Please browse our website or contact us via the contact page.

Other Products

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Flare AlternativeThe 8" Flare Alternative with reflective strip enhances visibility up to one mile during emergencies. The attached wire stand allows easy setup and activation. With a new-patented formulation the 8 Flare Alternative provides superior performance in cold and warm climates and is used in wet or dry weather.

lightshapeThe self-adhesive 3" LightShape® Markers (8cm) can be used for medical triage, evacuation procedures, trail marking or as a safety protective equipment. Activation is easy. Just press, snap, and shake and within a short time the color will cover the diameter. Peel the paper backing and adhere to any surface.


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